Church Flower List:
The list for 2018 is now available so please add your name if you would like to supply the church flowers. The flowers are greatly appreciated by all those who receive them after the church service.

Soup & Sweet:
If you would like to help with this fellowship then please add your name to the list at the church. If you would like to provide soup or sweet but are unable to help serve please contact Isobel Addison.

Fundraising - Events in 2017 raised the following amounts

February    Pancake Tea - £611.00
8th April    Easter Fair - £1149.00
17th - 21st July    Thrift Shop - £6285.00
21st July    Kinloss Military Wives Choir - £1166.00
30th September    Organ Recital - £752.00
11th November    Christmas Fair - £1215.85

What's On at Cullen Hall Church

Regular Events

First Sunday of the month - 11am Service, AT THE HALL CHURCH IN YORK PLACE. Soup and Sweet luncheon served afterwards
Tuesday and Thursday evening - Jympa - Gail Macaulay-Mill.
First Thursday of the month (see syallabus on Guild page for times) September - March - Guild - Isobel Addison - 840610.
First Monday of the month September - April - Heritage - John Aitken - 840476.