Cullen & Deskford Parish Church Directory

Cullen & Deskford Church of Scotland Charity No. SC011231

The Congregation of Cullen & Deskford comprises 356 members and adherents. The congregations were linked in 1967 and united under one minister and Session in 1986. Approximately 50 members of the congregation live in the rural area of Deskford.

Currently there are 19 elders on the Kirk Session that meets regularly to conduct the business of the church.

Committees reporting are normally:

  • Fabric and Property
  • Worship, Education, Mission
  • Fundraising
  • Publicity
  • Safeguarding.
reverend douglas stevenson cullen church
Reverend  Douglas Stevenson
Worship & Education Convener
Ordained 9th June 1991
sheila sellar cullen church
Sheila Sellar
Treasurer, Equalizing Presbytery Elder
ELDER: Ordained 1999
isobel addison
Isobel Addison
Social & Fundraising Convener, Life & Work Distributor
ELDER : Ordained 1998
District 9 – South Deskford St, Old Church Rd, Judy's Lane
Assistant Treasurer
Rachael Shearer

Presbytery Elder
anne mclaren
Anne McLaren
Roll Keeper, Data Protection Officer
ELDER: Ordained 2007
District: 15 – Tochieneil, Lintmill, Lythe, Portsoy
FWO Treasurer
leslie mair cullen church
Leslie Mair
Communion Co-ordinator
ELDER: Ordained 1978
District : 6 - New View Court, Sea Street
Fabric Convener
william davidson cullen church
Bill Davidson
Health & Safety Officer
ELDER: Ordained 1984
Finance Convener
Portrait Vacant
Position Vacant
Vice Convener
Portrait Vacant
Position Vacant
Social & Fundraising
Publicity Convener
sheila donn
Sheila Donn
Magazine Editor
ELDER: Ordained 2012
District: 1 – Seatown, Castle |terrace, Bayview Court
rachel emmet cullen church
Rachel Emmet

Flower Roll Convener
brenda wood cullen church
Brenda Wood

ELDER: Ordained 2002
District: 10 – Queens Drive, Binview Rd, Binview Terrace
Safeguarding Co-ordinator
safe guarding
Jessie Mowatt
Hall Keeper
hall keeper
Andrew Stevenson
Senior Elder
James Findlay
James Findlay

ELDER: Ordained 1966
District: 11 - Glebe Park Crescent, Cullen Manse

moira legge cullen church
Moira Legge

ELDER: Ordained 2002
District: 8 – South Castle St, York Place, Seafield Place (West)

vera reid cullen and deskford church elder
Vera Reid
Health & Safety Officer
ELDER: Ordained 1999
District: 5 – The Square, Seafield St, Reidhaven St, Reidhaven Place, Seafield Place (East), Wakefield Nursing Home

malcom watt cullen and deskford church elder
Malcom Watt

ELDER: Ordained 2009
District: 2 – Lower Reidhaven St, Blantyre St, Blantyre Farm

daniel cook cullen and deskford church elder
Danny Cook

ELDER: Ordained 1974
District: 7 – North Deskford St, North Castle St., Seafield Lane, Grant St.

bruce mclaren
Bruce Maclaren

ELDER: Ordained 1979
District: 17 - Deskford, Drybridge, Turriff, Edinburgh

alistair muir

ELDER: Ordained 
District: 3 - Albert Terrace, Sewview Place, Logie Avenue

jimmy stewart
Jimmy Stewart

ELDER: Ordained  1971
District: 16 - Deskford, Portsoy, Banff

mabel stewart church elder cullen & deskford
Mabel Stewart

ELDER: Ordained 2004
District: 12 – Cathy Terrace, Findlater Drive (West)

john aitken
John Aitken

ELDER: Ordained 2012
District: 18 - Deskford, Fordyce

betty mcintyre
Betty McIntyre

ELDER: Ordained 2012
District: 4 - Victoria St., Victoria Crescent, Victoria Place, Logie Drive

gordon mcneil cullen church
Gordon McNeill

ELDER: Ordained 1999
District: 13 - Ogilvie Park, Findalater Dr. (East), Findlater Circle

Alex Bruce
Alex Bruce
Hall Church Lets
OFFICE BEARER: Ordained 1984
District: 14 - Out of Parish(West), Aberdeen, Crieff